Four herds of legendary horses lie in the Alaskan tundras, each owning their own boundaries in which are protected. Create a powerful horse, pick a boundary, and RP!

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Sign up with your character's name. It is changeable just in-case your character goes up in rank.!!PLEASE READ!! .:THIS INCLUDES NAMING SYSTEM AT THE END:. Rules for Life of the Tundra- This is a realistic roleplay, therefore, Mythical creatures or horses with supernatural powers will not be accepted. Please be at least 13 on this forum, Be respectful to admins and mods and of course the rest of the community and their opinions, Please do NOT have a normal everyday discussion in the middle of a roleplay, No arguing. If an argument is started, a responsible person needs to report the users involved and the forum discussion to me, Pheasantfire, No sharing person information. This includes yours, a friend's, or a person you know, It is rude to talk of other people, Absolutely NO negatively talking about other users in the discussions! A warning will be sent out. A ban the second time around, No intense curse words. Roleplay Rules: Be literate, No sexual scenes. Keep those secluded, Horses do not kiss, so if they are to 'kiss,' just simply say 'nuzzle,' Do not ever talk in behalf of another player. This means no making their say things that they do not want to, If a fight within the roleplay begins, make sure the player doesn't mind, Gore is allowed, but nothing intense, Be sure to post in the right forums! You cannot kill another person's characters without their permission. Security Rules: No sharing passwords, No sharing another person's password with other people. Other Rules: There will be no killing yourself, Depression is okay, but remember: horses are not humans. They cannot cut their selves as they do not feel the same way as humans, If a human comes into the story, there will be no alcohol or drug use. Whiskey, beer, and wine is exceptionable, but no extreme use. Help, If you do not receive help in the 'Help' section within 2 days, contact me, Pheasantfire, if that was not your first option. A new question regarding the site will always be in FAQ! :D I'll even credit the first user who asked. NAMING SYSTEM: LEADERS- Name ends with element that their herd represents (e.g. If Silvermist becomes a leader in Herd of Graceful Waters, her name would then be Silverwater) HEALERS- Preferably a healing herb somewhere in their name, but anything other than the four elements. DEPUTIES- Anything except the four elements FIGHTER GUARDS (Guards that are trained to be muscular and beefy. They fight intruders that Border Guards let slip by)- Anything except the four elements. BORDER GUARDS (Leaner, stamina-filled horses trained to chase off any intruders that find their way over the border)- Anything except the four elements. WARRIORS (Horses trained to be lean AND muscular to fight in battle)- Anything except the four elements. NOVICES- No suffix. FOALS- No suffix. (As always, no stealing art that is displayed on the site or characters. Stealing the site's look is also prohibited.)

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